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One day, not so long ago, there’s a motorcycle part that needs to be suspended by a wire.  Customized Creations shop owner and painter, Rowan, grabs a wire cutter and a large roll of electrical fence wire.  As she starts unrolling some wire from the spool, she notices how unpredictable the wire jerks around and has a visual of the end of the wire slapping into her eyeball long enough to poke into the soft membrane and with a squirt and pop, savagely jerk her eyeball right out of it’s socket!  
Being a visual artist, Rowan recognizes the need for keeping her eyeballs in her head and logically reaches for a pair of safety glasses before continuing to snip the piece of wire.

Years go by, and each time Rowan grabs that spool of wire, the visual always pops into her thoughts so the safety glasses are always slipped onto her face. 

Then one day Rowan gets an intern from MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art & Design) by the name of Kristin.  Now, Kristin loves to draw gory images and she draws an angry character (Zarque) who just had his eye ball yanked out and Rowan was like, that's it!!  That's the visual that keeps encouraging me to wear my safety glasses everytime they're needed!!

Rowan, being the helpful sort of person that she is, realizes that this will be the perfect way to get others to put their safety glasses on also! 
Everyone likes humor - so what better way to remind people to put on their personal protective equipment, than to give them a visual of what will happen if they don't!

So Rowan asks Kristin to draw more characters in different situations.  Kristin comes up with the 12 seen on these pages, some with gauged ears and some with elven ears.  Some human and some not.  But all of them inspire through the use of funny safety visuals, to remember to put on your safety goggles, hearing protection, hard hat, face shield, breathing apparatus , hair ties or cover, chemical resistance gloves, or just to walk carefully because the floor is slippery when wet. 

Then upon researching OSHA 1910.9, Rowan discovers that employers need to comply with these regulations for both the administrative and training aspects.  So what better way to do this than to make artwork that the employees will actually notice (thereby decreasing accidents) and will make the Safety Administrator into the "cool guy" with a sense of humor?!

"It is the function of art to renew our perception.  What we are familiar with we cease to see."

Safety First Humor signs come with the OSHA compliant DANGER message, or for those who are not concerned with regulations, there is a novelty version available in poster paper for under $20.